Use of Cork in Sports Goods
Application of Cork
Cork is an Eco-friendly and cruelty-free material. In addition to this premium cork products are also durable, lightweight, water-proof and easy to clean, which make them a great leather and faux-leather alternative.
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Use of Cork in Sports Goods

Cork is an eco-friendly and useful material that comes from cork oak trees. It is the bark that naturally grows in northwest Africa and southwest Europe. Cork is a heavy-duty, waterproof, fire retardant, flexible, and environmentally friendly material. It has very good insulating properties as well.


Due to its versatility and thermal and electrical isolation features, it is used in various industries. Cork is mixed with different kinds of rubber to create and an industrial-grade cork that has heat resistance and wear resistance properties.


Many sports equipment are made using cork materials. It is used in various spots goods including shuttlecocks, cricket balls, baseballs, and pool sticks. They are even used in bodyboards, whistles, and tennis paddles.


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