Why Choose Cork Leather
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By ELEECHOO | 21 April 2023 | 0 Comments

Why Choose Cork Leather

Originally cork was used for wine stoppers, cricket balls, notice boards, and more. After discovering how to make cork fabric leather from cork, the fashion world began to pay more attention to this material.

It's vegan, durable, waterproof, and eco-friendly. Cork fabric leather is now used in a variety of ways. For example: handbags, purses, purses, watches, clothes, accessories, furniture, yoga mats, shoes, wall coverings, etc.

Let's learn about an innovative and environmentally friendly alternative to animal leather.

In nature, there are many plants that can be used by people, but most of them are at the cost of destroying the original harmonious natural environment, you can see no destruction, but transformations happen. 

With the progress of the times, people's awareness of animal cruelty and the feeling for the well-being of nature is growing day by day. And this awareness did not pass us.

Nowadays, many vegan leather options are available, but for most of plant-based leathers, short cycles of growing and harvesting the base material which includes usage of pesticides and usage of lots of water just to be able to produce vegan leather which is not made of plastic. 

The procedure is always billed as "Healthy or Vegan," but has a negative impact on the environment occur.

We offer a very innovative and exceptional type of leather which is made from the bark of cork oak and recycled cork particles.

Cork mostly grows in areas such as the western Mediterranean and China's QinLing Mountains. The planting and harvesting methods of cork are very mature, and the life span of cork trees is also very long, about 250 years. The cycle of cork harvesting is relatively long, generally 7 to 9 years. Harvesting cork will not harm the tree itself, but is more conducive to its own growth and the improvement of local air quality. Additionally, planting cork oak can also improve the local ecological environment, affecting the overall climate.

Cork leather is a renewable material made from the bark of trees. Cork leather is a superior and sustainable alternative to traditional leather, offering greater durability and environmental benefits. Cork leather is durable, eco-friendly, and has a water-resistant material and a unique, gritty texture that make it perfect for a variety of uses. Its inherent elegance and opulence are unmatched by any synthetic material.


The natural texture and unique color of this material appeal to eco-conscious trendsetters who strive for both sustainability and fashion appeal. Cork fabric is great for outerwear, accessories, and more. It's tough and versatile. If you want an eco-friendly option instead of synthetic materials, consider thin cork fabric or cork leather – they're great!

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